Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Tutorial!

I decided to do a little more, so here's the second tutorial for making art in Sleep is Death.

Worldbuilding 101: Advanced Room Building

It's about doors, windows, interior walls, and stairs. I hope it helps!

Oh, and here's the graphics .pak I mention in it:



Mauro said...

Hello, another great tutorial. But the slideshow seems to be screwed up... on slide 54 you say you're going to bed, then there is slide 55 with some more tutorial and then slide 56 is missing (404).

Rin said...

Sorry about that, just fixed it.

Ezra Bradford said...

I am not experiencing fixed yet. A few times in the slideshow there was no right arrow (but clicking on the picture moved me forwards). After the "going to bed" slide is a stray slide from the first tutorial, and then a 404.

Otherwise, pretty cool!

Rin said...

Oy, clicking on the picture. Ok, /now/ it's fixed.

Slickriptide said...

Great stuff. Thanks, Shannon. Us non-artists need all the help we can get. heh.

If you keep going and do a tutorial on avatar-building, I'll be all over that. I played your "Tom and Jill Cave Adventure" pak with my daughter as our first outing with SiD. It turned out very differently from the flipbook on the SiD website. Ha ha! That's one of the strengths of SiD, though. The props and the initial script may be the same but the story is different every time.

If you're curious, it's up on as "The Misfortunate Dinner". Turned out very amusing.

Anyway, I brought it up because I was attempting to lay Tom on his side in the 30-sec window, and I discovered just how many sprites there are in his avatar. (I need to suggest to Jason an object rotation/flip function.) In particular, his arms, shirt, etc... are all separate.

That turned out to be interesting. I rotated his arm up and then his shirt came off and I was scrambling to get him put back together. (Not sure why I forgot about undo. Doh!) When the timer hit, his arm was still out instead of down, which turned out to be interesting. My daughter understood what she was seeing and decided that Tom was hauling off to punch the Griz that was threatening him.

That made me realize how flexible an avatar of full body pieces can be. It's just a pain to try and manipulate it quickly when you are still learning the ropes. Ha ha!

Anyway, it would be interesting to see a tutorial about avatars, shading for them, and whatever decision-making went into your choices for the various human and griz avatars.

Thanks, loads, for contributing such great art and for educating players about how they can learn to create it themselves. I've been working with a lot of the sprite/tile art out on the net (sticking to original/creative commons). The really quality stuff is all designed for a much higher resolution. It pretty much means that if we want quality props in SiD, we'll have to design them ourselves.

As they say, "knowing is half the battle". Your tutorials are a great way to gain the knowledge neccesary to make some good adventure paks.

Rin said...

I'm glad you got to use my stuff and that it turned out so well. By the way, you /can/ rotate an object all at once. Go down to the layer selector and click the bottom left [ button. That will allow you to select the whole thing.

Joran said...

Thanks A LOT for both tutorials+resource packs. By using the resources as templates, I'll be able to make lots of nice stuff. I don't think I'd have figured it out on my own.

casualgamer said...

Hi again! thanks for the new tutorial and pak file, it's really great! But, I was wondering if you included the railing object (the screen in tut 2 that says "looks complicated, huh?") in one of the two packs. I'd really like it to make some outdoor balconies, and although I can make it myself, I don't want to make a duplicate. So, if you included it, can you tell me what to search?

Rin said...

I'm afraid I didn't include that, so it's probably best you make one of your own. Glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

James said...

You did amazing work and thoroughly explained your methods and reasons for your methods. Very helpful. I look forward to any further work you might do with Sleep Is Death.

michaelmichael said...

Excellent tutorial. Thanks very much. It makes the prospect of worldbuilding seem a little less overwhelming. Hope you'll do more!

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