Scott - Years back, Scott McCloud wrote a book called 'Understanding Comics'. It explained what made comics an art form in itself, and one with many possibilities.

Ghibli Studios - Best animation studio ever. Ever! I'm looking at you, Pixar. (That's right, Disney isn't even in the running. Heck, Dreamworks is kicking your butt, Disney!)

Geocaching - Treasure hunting in the 21st century! All you need is a GPS.

  io9 - Nifty site for scifi fans that I've been checking out recently. Updated daily. (Did you know science fiction was once called 'scientifiction'? Weird, huh? I'm not even making that up.)

Rifftrax - From the people who brought you Mystery Science Theater 3000, this site offers audio tracks that make fun of some of the biggest and worst movies around. My favorite might be the Star Wars pre-trilogy ones.