Elevator Girl
I really like to do animation loops, things that are less movies and more like living pictures. This is an example of that. Don't expect any plot or story, it's just a picture... though more alive.

Flute Girl -
One of my animated GIF tests. I do really like the possibilities of there GIF's, the problem with them is that they don't allow preloading... so they can be pretty choppy at the start.

Firefly - One of my favorite looped animations, and one that's really nice and simple.

- Oh no! A giant sphere attacking the world we all love and care about. Please, please, let this only be some sort of electronic nightmare and not actual video!

CLIFFSIDE TEST - This was an animation I was working on for a bit. Maybe I'll go back to it eventually. It's got possibilities. If you're wondering where the cliff is, well...it's later on in the animation.

Train 2.0 - This one should look pretty nice when finished. I work on it from time to time, improving a part here, a part there. Not sure when it'll be finally done, but I'm not in a big hurry to do so.